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GrepoPlanner - The Grepolis Tool

GrepoPlanner - Features

GrepoPlanner is a planning tool for the online multiplayer game Grepolis ® (, allows you to sort your attacks and supports chronologically, so you know exactly when you have to send your movements and not leave anything to chance.

Display movements by differentiating it with colors for defense, attack and colonizations.

Also gives you information about units (costs, gods, etc..) And has multiple reports for find out what are the best targets for you.

Includes unit cost and morale calculator.
Supports all the Grepolis ® Worlds in all languages.

And it's multi-language (Spanish / English).



No installation is necessary. Only one file (.exe).

Download .zip (for Windows x86) (Extract it into the folder you want)

The application has automatic updates.

Roadmap - For future versions GrepoPlanner will include:

  • Statistical reports of players, alliances and towns.
  • Historical reports of players, alliances and towns.
  • Reports of inactive players and towns
  • French and italian translations.
  • Current version is v.

Quick Tutorial


For add attacks/supports:

  1. Choose attacker/supporter player.
  2. Choose departure town.
  3. Choose target town
  4. Type the arrival time you want.
  5. Type travel time.
  6. Type troops for send.
  7. Click add button [+] (choose attack / support)

The application calculates departure time and sorts all movements by this time. Differences (by colors) regular attacks, conquests and supports, and totalizes attackers/defenders troops.